Jonny Wilson

Jonny began his career with a turn of events that seemed to seal his fate as the progressive and innovative teacher he is today: he failed high-school. This potentially dispiriting setback only seemed to further fuel Jonny’s determination and grit, and he responded by setting his sights on an industry with an even larger track record of failure. He pursued a career in music.

After completing a Bachelor of Music at The New Zealand School of Music, Jonny found himself overwhelmed with requests for private tutorship and decided to expand his practice. With zero business experience or training, he launched The Goodtime Music Academy, and within six short years, a humble assortment of roughly 30 students had ballooned into an international organization that reaches over 30,000 students a year. 

With the string of successful companies, projects and ventures that have followed, Jonny has revealed himself a canny businessman and a remarkable young leader, committed to his own evolution and innovation in order to stay ahead of the curve.

An infectious passion for music and for young people drives everything Jonny does. In addition to the academy, he has launched
programs providing free tuition to thousands of Kiwi kids, and was awarded a Local Hero Medal in the 2012 New Zealander of the Year competition for his contribution.

Throughout all of the hurdles and challenges that have come with being a young leader, Jonny has developed a worldview that is as equally empathetic as it is clear-eyed and practical. Jonny has the revered ability to engage any audience, no matter how diverse, and his presentations are always brimming with music, wit and stories to inspire and challenge in equal measure.  



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banner 4 One look at Jonny Wilson’s career should be enough to sell just how skilled he is at connecting with young people. Guided by a passion for providing positive role models, Jonny has founded New Zealand’s largest private music academy, and a handful of ... See More


picture 4 Over the course of a few years, Jonny Wilson has made a name for himself with a string of successful businesses and projects, all structured around inspiring young people with music. As it turns out, he’s equally adept at engaging adults ... See More


The workshop that Jonny Wilson presented for our Educators was informative, interactive and fun.

Jonny did a great job of engaging everyone’s attention 100% of the time with funny jokes and creative ideas.  We will definitely be asking Johnny to come and do another workshop for us again soon.


Sarah Sears

Sarah Sears

Wellington Manager Au Pair Link Limited

Social entrepreneurs are a special breed. They have the necessary enthusiasm and competencies for business and a huge heart for community transformation. Jonny Wilson embodies the drive and optimism we need, to give our kids a better country than we received – you need to hear his story and watch him at work!

Zane Scarborough

Zane Scarborough

Programme Director National Young Leaders Day & The Parenting Place

Sincere thanks for your visit to St Oran’s College. We were all so impressed with the way that your team arrived, set up and performed. There are often groups that come to school to perform and your team were fantastic! We loved the vibe that you brought to assembly and the way you worked with our, sometimes quiet students, encouraging them to be involved with your performance.
Sharing your story with 500 young women is sometimes a bit daunting but not for you! your confidence and content was very timely for our students. We always love to hear a success story and that is what you delivered to our students. The fact that a dream you have as a young child can grow into a successful business is inspirational.

We would welcome you and the rest of Goodtime Music Academy any time you want!


Joce Kearney

Joce Kearney

St Oran's College

I have spent many hours sitting at conferences promoted as places of inspiration, only to find the presenters dull, and poor in communication skills. I am as ruthless with my critique as I am with my endorsement. So, it is no small thing that I endorse Jonny Wilson as a public speaker. Jonny is the real deal. Before he started speaking he launched the fastest growing (and now largest) music tuition school in the country. Jonny is a creative entrepreneur with a heart for the underdog and strong moral character. When he speaks you get more than one message. You get Jonny, and the immense ability he displays effortlessly and you also get a great talk filled with inspiration, keys to success and stories to inspire. I thoroughly recommend him for any speaking engagement. 


Brook Turner

Brook Turner