Over the course of a few years, Jonny Wilson has made a name for himself with a string of successful businesses and projects, all structured around inspiring young people with music. Applying nuggets of wisdom that can only be accrued as a young, inexperienced business owner, Jonny’s presentations are smart, thought-provoking takes on familiar topics like education, innovation and leadership, whilst doubling as involving showcases of his humble and humorous affability.

Incorporating music, crowd interaction and loads of practical content, Jonny’s aptitude with capturing and entertaining audiences right off the bat makes him an ideal event-opener or after-dinner speaker. Brimming with wit and an infectious passion for educating others, Jonny Wilson is a brilliant motivator guaranteed to both charm and challenge audiences of any background.


Start with a bang

On top of Jonny’s solo presentations, there is the opportunity for him to bring along a group of his intern musicians, to help run some extremely entertaining, funny and musical ice-breakers. This will have the whole crowd laughing and dancing as the team brings out the inner child of all attending delegates.


Jonny and the Dreamboats

After having Jonny entertain your delegates with his presentation, why not finish the night with everybody on the dance floor?

Jonny and the Dreamboats (est.2007) is Jonny’s high end covers band, which is the perfect addition to any event looking to add quality musical entertainment to their program. Since 2007 the band has performed over 350 shows, many of which have sent them all over the country and even as far as Fiji.

All members hold Jazz performance degrees from the New Zealand School of Music, allowing them to move effortlessly from jazz standards to popular classics that span decades, assuring all guests will hear something to their liking.

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