Jonny wilson

After failing high school Jonny Wilson decided to choose a career in an industry almost everyone fails in, music.

After completing a Bachelor of music at the ‘New School of Music’, with no business experience or training at all, Jonny set out to build his own music school called ‘Goodtime Music Academy’. In just 6 years he turned 30 students to an international organisation that works with over 30,000 students every year.

Jonny has powered through all the hurdles and challenges that come with being a young leader and inexperienced business owner. He has successfully set a great example of how to continually innovate and evolve yourself and your organisation to stay top of your game.

Ultimately, Picture1Jonny is passionate about getting children in to positive hobbies with positive role models and is responsible for thousands of NZ children receiving free music tuition. In recognition of his charitable work, Jonny won a Local Hero Medal in the New Zealander of the year competition.

Jonny’s presentations are filled with music, laughter and both challenging and thought-provoking material. He has the ability to connect with all ages as he draws people in with engaging stories that both inspire and generate relevant practical applications for all.